illustration + lists
69 Questions About You
I created 69 simple styled illustrations and collected practical lists of different romantic subjects to give couples some ideas on how to get closer these days.
What's included?
There are six chapters included so everyone can pick one to start and who knows where it brings you and your partner.
69 Intimate Questions

This part contains 69 intimate questions that you can ask each other sitting together and enjoying a glass of wine (or a bowl full of snacks).
30 Days Romantic Challenge
You always can build your intimacy and make your relationship stronger.

Use these 30-days challenge ideas or add yours and enjoy being together with your loved one every day.

10 Relationship Books

Whether you want to host a couple's book club, read out loud to each other or just learn something new about relationships check these lists!
20 Intimate Habits
Some simple daily actions that can boost your intimacy and be more connected.
50 Ideas for Couples Bucket List
Just pick a few or 10 or 25... and make your own bucket list. Make two lists and share or make one together from scratch.

22 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas
Even staying at home can make you more connecter to each other! There is so much fun you can share without leaving your warm loved nest.
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